Tales of Love
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Tales of Love

Dokumentarfilm, 70min, D2010

Tales of Love

director, script, editor: Florian Aigner
DoP: Henning Brümmer
sound: Juri von Krause, Marc Witte
music: Moritz von Gagern

Brümmer&Herzog Filmproduktion in coproduction with WDR




In TALES OF LVE, a cinematic essay, the question of the centrifugal forces that drive people apart is discussed sensitively and without a party to be grasped.

Four pairs of parents report about their great love, the gender struggle and the difficult self-gathering as parents after the breakup.

awards and festivals

  • achtung berlin – new berlin film award
  • 27. Kassler Dokumentarfilmfest




  • Careful and undisguised portrayal of the everyday and yet individually so tragic phenomenon of separation.” Hamburger Morgenpost
  • Very touching and full of food for thought!Emotion
  • Relentless statements … Amazing which interior views the four couples have allowed. How vulnerable they sometimes show and how helpless.” Hamburger Abendblatt
  • The strength of this documentary lies in its impetuosity, its relentless look at the end of love. Florian Aigner renounces affected chatter. The mundane justifications of the former couples, the nurseries that are being refurbished, the disillusioned faces of the disappointed, the deep irritation of the children, all this is captured in the film.” FAZ